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Why do we focus on recycling plastic sachet waste ?

Rarely Recycled

There are a few projects to upscale sachet waste; they turned it into fashion products such as bags, wallets, pouches. We estimate that one fashion product usually uses up to 30 sachets. The next question would be, how many people use it?

Waste from Waste

The sachets are typically made up of laminated plastic and aluminum film. It’s a challenging waste to be recycled because it needs a chemical process to separate the plastic and aluminum. People in the plastic waste industry consider it as waste from waste. Hence, they usually burn it, throw it to landfill, or worse, end up in nature.

No economical value

On the contrary to other plastic wastes such as plastic bottles, PET bottles, HDPE, and LDPE plastics which have an economic value, there is no economic incentive for collecting sachets; not many companies recycle it, so no demand. Our discussion with the staff from a national waste bank in East Jakarta and Central Jakarta confirmed it. We found out that even the official waste management in Jakarta, doesn’t buy or sell sachets waste.

Polluting Environment

For this reason, no one collects sachets waste. Left unmanaged, these sachets wastes contribute to flooding problems and pollute the ocean.

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Parking lot at The House

View 309 Aug 12, 2020 Rebricks Application

They use 20m2 parking Lot. Recycle 17.600 rejected plastic waste.

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Garden for Mrs. Karra Aldy

View 331 Jun 19, 2020 Rebricks Application

Mrs. Karra Aldy paved her garden with eight square meters of Rebricks. Each 1 m2 Rebricks contains up to 880 sachet waste. Thank you, Mrs. Karra Aldy, for recycling up to 7,040 sachet waste.

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Parking lot at Gerakan Ciliwung Bersih Secretariat Office

View 237 Jun 19, 2020 Rebricks Application

Gerakan Ciliwung Bersih office's parking lot with 22 square meters of Rebricks pavers. This collaboration resulted in a successful recycle of up to 19,360 sachets.

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Garden at Mrs.Citra Resident

View 375 Jun 19, 2020 Rebricks Application

This project saw Kebun Kumara using Rebricks pavers creatively. Rebricks pavers were used to make raised-bed vegetable gardens. There were 1,100 pavers used; Up to 22,000 sachets recycled.

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Parking Lot at Plastic Pay

View 236 Jun 19, 2020 Rebricks Application

Plastic pay creates a 16 square meter motorbike parking lot with Rebricks. Thank you, Plastic Pay, for recycling up to 14,080 sachets.

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